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Avv. Andrea Cianci

Avv. Andrea Cianci

Member of the Turin Law Society since 2.6.1997 - Listed on the Register of Supreme Court Barristers since 25.3.2011.

He acts in judicial assistance and defence activities, as well as providing extrajudicial advice to businesses, professionals, public administrations, entities and private clients, with particular reference to the field of economic criminal law (corporate, bankruptcy and tax crimes), corporate criminal law and so-called white collars crimes (crimes against the public administration, criminal labour law and workplace health and safety, criminal law of the environment, energy, construction and urban planning, medical and professional liability, liability of directors and officers of local entities, media crimes), as well as prevention measures and criminal cases in relation to assets.

He has also developed specific expertise in the field of agri-food and wine-making criminal law, gaining a specialisation Master's degree, through longstanding professional assistance in favour of major enterprises of the sector, as well as in relation to crimes of copyright in the music industry and with regard to the protection of intellectual and industrial property.

He is a member of the Scientific Commission of the Turin Bar Association as well as the Constitutional Legitimacy Commission of the Criminal Chamber of Western Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta.

He has accrued significant experience in the study and preparation of corporate compliance models pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001 on "Rules on the Corporate Liability of Legal Persons, Companies and Associations even without legal personality”, as well as in the preparation of functional delegations in relation to workplace health and safety, in consultancy for the criminal repercussions of corporate governance (management and control processes, ethical-corporate guidelines, rules, relationships, processes, protocols and corporate systems), in the assessment of the criminal risk with reference to repatriation procedures of foreign capital (Voluntary Disclosure) and in the field of extraordinary corporate operations (criminal due diligence) and insolvency and similar procedures.

He regularly carries out conferencing and training activities and is the author of publications in his chosen subjects.

Professional experience
2020 - present     Founder of Studio Cianci / Law - Turin
2019-2020    Member of the Scientific Commission of the Turin Bar Association
2008 - 2020     Partner at Studio Zancan Associazione Professionale - Turin
2019    Member of the Constitutional Legitimacy Commission of the Criminal Chamber of Western Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta
2000 - 2007    Owner of the homonymous Law Firm - Turin
2003    Member of the study commission established by the Union of Italian Criminal Chambers on corporate liability pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001 and subsequent amendments
1996 - 2000    Studio Legale Guglielmi - Turin
1993     Studio Lageard Associazione Professionale - Turin