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LegalAssociati provides advice and assistance in the following areas, both nationally and internationally.

Civil and Commercial Law

Real estate and Inheritance Law, Tenancy and condominium Law. Transport and insurance Law. Civil liability. Assistance in the negotiation and drafting of contracts such as: sale & purchase, lease, agency, distribution, transport and logistics. Debt recovery. Assistance with arbitration and mediation proceedings, both voluntary and compulsory.
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Corporate and bankruptcy law

Assistance with the incorporation and acquisition of companies. Advice and assistance in matters and disputes concerning company directors’ liability. Assistance with bankruptcy procedures. Proceedings before the Antitrust Authorities.

Industrial property

Trademarks and patents. Protection of industrial property. Product labelling and enforcement of safety regulations with particular expertise in the food and cosmetics sector. Litigation before the Advertising Jury.

Community customs law

Customs Law is a vast and complex discipline which companies wishing to operate on the international scene must deal with. Export control, origin, customs value, labelling and product safety, customs litigation, both in and out of court, are our strengths.

Labour and social law

Assistance to companies and employees - also thanks to a long-standing collaboration with a professional employment consultancy firm - regarding all issues that may arise during an employment relationship, with particular reference to cases of individual and collective dismissals, demotion and mobbing, assisting the client in both the extra-judicial phase, also during conciliation settlements before the trade union organisations, and the judicial phase before all courts.  Comprehensive assistance in the area of agency and para-subordinate relationships, dealing with both the drafting of contracts and critical issues arising during the employment relationship.

Family law

Advice and assistance, in and out of court, in separation and divorce proceedings. Experience shows that, in this area, satisfactory solutions can also be achieved through family mediation. Mediation is a useful tool to both improve the management of the relationship before the conflict becomes irreconcilable and deal with the proceedings before the judge in the best possible way. By resorting to family mediation, the couple has the opportunity to negotiate and share decisions, from the point of view of both the relationship between partners and the management of economic aspects. Mutual agreements will also be more advantageous for the children.

Legal audit

Verification of the appropriateness of a Company's existing contractual instruments and the procedures adopted for the correct use and implementation of special regulations, such as the personal data protection regulation (privacy), the administrative liability of legal entities (Legislative Decree no. 231/2001) and, most recently, the Code of Business Crisis. Risk analysis and identification of solutions. Participation in supervisory bodies also as Data Protection Officer (DPO). In-person and distance training courses.
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Criminal law

We deal with environmental, urban-planning, tax, corporate and work-related offences (e.g. accidents at the workplace), and with general offences connected with business activities.
Owing to the complexity of the system, all economic transactions and administrative decisions involve major criminal aspects, relating to Corporate Law, Tax Law, Urban planning Law or even Environmental or Labour Law, as well as Alimony Law.
This specialisation places LegalAssociati in a privileged position for providing the best assistance to clients.
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Massive debt recovery

One area of LegalAssociati is specially dedicated to the mass recovery of commercial debts in the banking, insurance, consumer goods & services and automotive sectors.

Administrative law

A specialised team provides assistance to Public Administrations with regard to both their legal obligations (e.g. staffing plans; three-year plans for the prevention of corruption and transparency; publications pursuant to Article 1(32) of Law No. 190/2012) as well as any other dispute they may be involved in. One of LegalAssociati's dedicated team also assists private clients in their relations with the Public Administration in the following areas: authorizations and concessions; urban planning and construction; cultural and landscape heritage; environment; public employment; expropriations for public utility; administrative agreements; public contracts.

Competition and consumer law

Antitrust law, vertical and horizontal agreements, abuse of dominant position and state aid.  Consumer protection.